The Malayan tapir

eats:twigs,saplings,grasses and leaves.

habitat: Malayan  tapirs can live from southern Thailand to southern Myanmar and all over  Malaysia. they  live in forests.

size:a tapir can be up to 240 cm long and up to 105 cm tall.

threats: due to habitat loss and hunting in Malaysia,there are only around 15,000 of them

zoo population: there are 160 Malaysian tapirs in zoos all over the world.

Baby’s:  the gestation period of Malayan tapirs is around  390-395 days. Malayan tapirs give one baby every two years. baby’s are born with brown hair and white strips

sourses: wikipida and and and www. bellfast zoo.cork  and www .tapir and www. waza. org and www. red list .org


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