Today we went to Singapore for Halloween. I dressed up as a minion with my sister.

first, we waited in a not-so-long line then,we waited in a long line.then we took a bus (witch also had a long line)to the subway station.i felt tired of long lines.

once we got there it was diner time,for diner we had a mix of rice,vegetables,and meat.after dinner daddy filmed me.

soon we saw a group of kids in costumes, i went with them to trick or treat.there were a lot of people there. my favorite house was the one that was throwing candy down from the fence post   . some people were very dressed up and some people were not dressed up when i say not dressed up i  don’t mean a mask i mean not dressed up no costumes no nothing. i thought it was fucked up i mean hello it’s Halloween! when we got back home i was tired. it was a fun day.

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