Today is Thanksgiving!  We made a decoration called a thankful chain a thankful chain is where you make a paper chain and on every strip you wright something that your thankful for. Another decoration that we made were turkeys, to make them you will need…

  1. a toilet paper roll(without toilet paper on it)/paper towel roll
  2. colored paper
  3. scissors
  4. googly eyes/pen/pencil
  5. tape/glue/stapeler

how to make a turkey…

  1. use colored paper to cut our feather shape/trace your hand and cut it out
  2. tape/glue/staple your feather onto the toilet paper/paper towel roll
  3. keep going until your happy with it
  4. to make the beak cut out a triangle and glue/tape/staple on the other side
  5. to make the gobble cut out a wiggly  bit of paper and glue/tape/staple it on next to the beak
  6. to make the feet cut out turkey-feet shapes and stick onto your turkey
  7. stick on the googly eyes/draw on the eyes

For dinner we had chicken,stuffing,salad,cranberry sauce,green beans  and  mashed potato,for desert we had a oreo  cheese cake was a very fun day.

please tell me how your turkey came out and if you have any new blog post ideas please tell me





  1. I am glad we got to talk the day after Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving for us. I want to read posts about what it is like when you walk out the door of your apartment building and walk down the street. What do you see? What do you hear? I love you.


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