The in between Arts Festival

Last night I went  to the In Between Arts Festival with Mommy for a workshop. In  Malay, the thing that I did  is called wayang kulit and in English it’s called a shadow puppet.

First,we traced the design on the paper to the goat skin. Then,we cut out the outline with scissors then we cut holes like the gap between the feet with a razor. Then,we attached the arm and the hand and sewed a stick on to the body and then we attached an arm to the hand and then it was finished.

After we finished our workshop we got a coconut drink then we got a caricature ourselves for free because we took uber  there. There was a wayang kulit show and dance performances. It was a good mommy-daughter night!



  1. Petra, your mommy and I were friends as teenagers – and it is so lovely to hear about your exciting adventures! I am now following your blog, and look forward to hearing more about Petra’s World!


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