Today i went to the dragon boat festival.a dragon boat is a boat that looks like a dragon. to race a few people row whale one person beats the drum and one person steers.

i  waited in the car for a very long time. when i finely get out i watch a race.after the race Rivka said she was all done but daddy said to bad because that’s what we were going to do this morning.a few minutes later daddy said he was going to film and i came with him. After we met a few teams we met the  girls from Iran and they  said they were racing at three.

we hung out for a while  and got weird drinks and daddy got me fruit ice cream.when they raced it started to rain.they came second. after they raced we hung out in the tent.then,some one made an an announcement and they started hugging each other  we had made it to the finals! they raced and  came in third place! everybody was was a fun day!

what would you like me to do more of?


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