P1000974P1000978P1010082Amm!  I turn over and open my eyes. i get up and play with rivka,we sing songs.then, the door opens and mommy comes out okay okay okay i’m up she says.after we have breakfast I pick out today i chose a pink dress with flowers on it.brush your teeth then we can go mommy says  where? i said. to the mall mommy replied. no!i say to bad mommy says and i get ready to go.we always go to the mall unlike maine where we go to the grocery store.at the mall you can find lots of brands you can find in America.when we get home we eat lunch and rivka takes her nap while i write my blog post.when rivka wakes up we decide to go into  town.in town we see a lot  of people with stalls selling food.i never see people selling food in the streets in America.i also hear lots of languages being  spoken like hindi,Mandrin and Maly. then  if i want to go to nando’s for  dinner andi say yes because nando’s is the best restaurant ever! by the time we got home it was bed time.it was a fun day!


  1. I am so glad you reminded me to go back and look at your posts. I like the post about a normal day and it makes me think about what is normal for different people is so different. Who do you see in your day, what do you eat, what kind of work you do is so different for different people around the world. But some things are the same: We all wake up. We all eat. We all think about our days…


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