Hanukkah was coming soon but we did  not have much to celebrate with. No dreidel, no menorah, no candles, no latkes, no presents.

Why don’t you look on the computer?mommy asked. okay I said  and mommy set it up for me and i started looking.the first website i looked  at was an idea for a lego dreidel and i had all the pieces but one:a lego circle. then,i came up with a idea to use the lego  head instead. It really spun! then, i looked for a way to make a menorah. On one website i found a lot of ideas for making  one. I made a shopping list of everything we needed.

the next day we went to Harvy Norman to look for the things we needed but we did not find them. a few days later we went to Mr.diy they did not have hex-nuts but they did have car things and lots of art stuff.it worked! P1010179and  we had all the things we needed for Hanukkah! for some of you who don’t celebrate Hanukkah here is a brief description of it: Hanukkah is a eight night celebration. the story of Hanukkah is…

a long time ago the greek king antiochus wanted everyone to be greek like him.but a group of jews who called themselves the maccabees still practiced their religion. but antichus wanted everyone to be greek so the  maccabees  had to fight antichuses greek army  and the army  fought back. but the maccabees won.after the greeks left, the maccabees had to clean up the temple  because the greeks messed  it up .when it was time to light the eternal lamp  there was only enough oil to have it lit one day and it would take eight days to get more oil .but the lamp stayed lit til the eighth night enough time to get more oil .that is the Hanukkah miracle.

what i got for Hanukkah is…

night 1. diary of a wimpy kid book 12: the getaway

night 2.fantastic beasts and where to find them fashion  sketch book

night 3.sock night

night 4.hat and sunglasses

night 5. Money

night 6. hairthings

night 7.legos

night 8. Money to give to charity

some things we do to celebrate Hanukkah are…

eat Latkes(potato pan cakes) and donuts

play Dreidle (spining top with 4 Hebrew  letters on it)

light the menorah (candle holder with 9 slots)

get presents


  1. Petra, I am so glad you wrote this so I can imagine what it is like to celebrate Hannukah in Penang. And your description is so good that other people could learn about Hannukah too. I can see you worked hard on this. That photo of the doughnut makes me hungry.

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  2. Not only does that photo of the donut make Bubbie hungry, but us too! We loved this post about Hannukah, and love your site, Petra! Grandpa Bob would like to know more about the food you’re eating in Penang, with photos please! I would like to know more about the people around you – who lives nearby? love, Katherine and Grandpa Bob


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