It’s a Go-Day

Today is a go day and i’m going  to don don don…Thailand!I’m exited to go to a new place but i’m sad to leave Penang.

At the airport we used the frustration-causing self check-in machine.I hate this part because the grown-ups are trying  to make it work and i have to  chase Rivka and carry my heavy bag. After we checked-in we got rid of some of our bags.then, we went through security. After security we hung-out at the starbucks i got a croissant that was not   a croissant it was a long sandwich.our flight route  was that we flew from Penang to Kl and from Kl to Thailand.

After both of  the flights went through a very long immigration line. Now, i don’t  mean long like half an  hour i mean long like two hours waiting!After immigration,we met  our driver who helped  mommy  and daddy get sim cards.Then, we got into our van home.our new home has 3 bathrooms, big beds ,two floors,a big couch and a portable stove and a microwave on top of a  washing machine for a kitchen. Yep, a portable stove on top of a washing machine  for a kitchen. Very ,very weird.





  1. I am thinking of you and the go days. I am in a stay day looking out the windown in Trenton Maine at a veiw you know well. Enjoy your go days and stay days.


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