Today for breakfast we had lots of dim sum. Dim sum is lots of little bits of food all together so it you don’t like one thing you could just get another one. Two  of my favorite things to get there are…

  1.  Black sesame  buns
  2. The hot dogs wrapped in bacon

After breakfast,we went  home to hang out  and plan the day, we all wanted to go on a boat ride  (except daddy because he wanted to work)so we went to the dock to see if we could get a boat tour.Mommy said  that there was a guy who  had offered us one for 400 baht and all the other guys had offered us one for 500 baht also, a lot of the other guys repeated every word they said at least 3 times  .We didn’t find that guy but we found another guy who agreed on that price and did not repeat his words.It was tricky getting on the boat but  mommy helped me get onto it.I was  a little disappointed the water was brown that day.

On the ride we saw trees that were hanging of the edge of the ground. Some were even halfway in the water! Mommy said they were called mangrove trees . I saw a very colorful  bird and mommy saw a monkey.

when we got to the caves there were lots of crabs in the sand we watched them for a little bit then we went into a cave.We had to climb up lots of stairs to get there.When we  got there  I saw some statues and I asked mommy if  we could go there and she said yes! So we went there.It turns out that this cave used to be an archaeology site and they found old humans mommy said  it was creepy so we left.We also went in another  cave that we had to climb up to get into the entrance  we tried to see the bats in there but mommy’s phone light wasn’t light enough so we couldn’t see the bats. When we were going out to where the boats where we saw a GIANT,HUGE,BIG monitor lizard pass by us it was REALLY BIG!

Once we were back on the boat mommy asked me if I wanted to spend an extra 100 baht  to go to the fish farm and I said yes! So we went there.At the fish farm I saw lots of fish.I saw   long ones with white strips and I got to pet a stone-fish and feed a fish with no teeth and  there was one that made a big splash when the guy gave it food so we couldn’t see it.I liked them all but my favorite one was the are some pictures of our trip.








  1. What a boat ride. I am glad you took pictures. From archaeoloy to biology to ecology to zoology. How many ologies can you get in one boat ride.


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