Today we went to the tiger cave temple.According to Wikipedia the tiger cave temple was built in 1975 and got it’s name by a monk who meditated there with tigers who lived there  but i’m not sure if this is real or not .

When we got there I saw a lot of stairs up the mountain.we climbed a lot of stairs to get there 346,581,908,1045,1223…we knew how many stairs we had climbed because someone had marked some of the poles that connect the stairs to the railings.Here are some tips  if you are going…

  1. bring a water bottle
  2. keep everything  in your backpack(unless you want monkeys to steal it)
  3. bring  snacks to give you energy
  4. know that it takes a long time to get up  there (like 1 hour)
  5. know that  the stairs are very steep

Part of the way up I was screaming  because I was scared of heights but then a very nice man came up the last area of stairs and gave me and Rivka candy and offered mommy a red bull then I was fine.WE MADE IT TO THE TOP!!!It was really beautiful and everyone was happy because they made it.


  1. Way to stick with it Petra. I once climbed a bit staircase in Australia, but it was only around 950 stairs. We love your posts! What did the monkeys try to steal?


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