A few days ago we went on a 12 hour plane ride from Singapore to Athens.The next day we went from Athens to Rhodes.Our  new house in Rhodes is very very well equipped.It had good pans,a scoot-toy motorcycle,dishes,pie-pans,pots,oven, lemon tree,orange tree,olive tree,porch with chairs and table and all   of the above.Our neighborhood has convenient store in it and a supermarket close-by it   even has a  soccer stadium in it,we went to a game. There are some mountains behind our neighborhood we went on a hike on one of them. Here are some  pictures of the neighborhood…

Rhodes is a really nice place  and i can’t wait to explore it more!


  1. I am glad I get to see your new neighborhood. Can you take a picture of each of the trees and label them and send them to me so I can see what they look like. I have never lived in a house with an orange, lemon, and apple tree. Did you get a view of the sea on your hike?

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  2. Petra, the boys and I want to see the lemon and orange tress too! We also want to see what the inside of the house is like. How long will you be there? The boys are studying Africa this year and they recently started independent research projects. Spring is mostly here in Maine with maple syrup season in full swing. We all miss you and your family!

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  3. That is so cool that u have a lemon tree and an orange tree in ur yard! Thanks for writing about ur travels!!!!! Keep writing! 😀
    Ur aunt Meili


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