the hike

Today we went on a hike. Before we even got to the hill Rivka was screaming. We walked up the hill slowly and around one turn we saw some sheep. And we  kept going  on and on  and on and on we went until we took a break at a bench there was a sign with a heart pointing to some stairs we decided to go up them because we did not want to keep walking on the side of the rode. We were worried that we went the wrong way but we kept going on that trail anyway. By the time we got to a abandoned building  I was very tired and thought that the trail ended there but then i saw some people walk up above the building and i went around to the other side and saw some stairs going up so i went up them and then we kept going up the stairs.

When we got to the top of the mountain we saw peacocks. I was very surprised to see them. I  even saw some with their tails open! For lunch we had honey cookies, halvah and chocolate filled buns,  they were sweet but, they were all we had . Afterwards, i climbed trees while mommy and daddy looked at the view from the top. When we got down mommy gave Rivka and I juice boxes. It was a fun day!


  1. Your description made me wish I was there though I may not have made it up all those stairs. I would have liked the halvah. I did not know Greeks had halvah. Yum!


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