Today I went to the archaeology museum. I was worried because mommy and daddy were  arguing about if we should go there or  Lindos but they decided   to go there. When we go into town we get to see the ocean next to the rode.  The museum was very big and used to be a hospital for knights there were some rooms that    had a lot of statues daddy and I  discussed our theories on why they were naked, I thought  that maybe they weren’t   inappropriate back then and daddy thought  that maybe that they thought  that the naked human form was beautiful. The courtyard had lemon and  orange trees. There was a hall  that had lots of rooms in it the rooms there was a lot of old stuff in glass cases. My favorite room had  old floors on the walls. But by the time we had finished looking in all the rooms my 2 year-old sister was saying all-done all-done, i was  very proud of her  for  being so good at the museum. After we left we looked for a jewelry shop  that I saw last time I went to the town but we didn’t find it but we found another one that also had blue opal earrings I chose the ones that were shaped like little diamonds it was a fun day!



This is what my daddy wrote.


  1. I really like going to museums with you. I liked seeing all the pottery too. Especially the pieces discovered right by where our house is!


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