The aquarium

Today I went to the aquarium. We took the bus there because daddy had to work, the bus stop was a little far away and the bench there was broken we waited for fifteen minutes for  the bus we were worried about if the bus still came there, it did,And we got to town okay but  it was a long walk to the aquarium.  Inside, there were two sections: the museum and the aquarium.  We went to the  museum first it   had a touch tank There were two starfish, some  sea cucumbers,a ray and some hermit crabs. I touched a starfish and a sea cucumber  I tried to touch the ray but it was to fast. Then we went to the aquarium part that part had rokes for walles! I saw  lots of lionfish  they had just came to the water around  rhodes in about 2014 ! The information plate said that the spikes were venomous and could kill you. My favorite animal was the big rays ,I liked them because of how they were shaped and that there mouthes were at the boddom of them. I also liked the turltle, it had been  found with three fishing hooks in its mouth and it had been here since october so it could recover. Rivka pushed me because  I was in the way and she wanted to see  the turtle when mommy told her to say exuse me to me she thought mommy was talking about the turtle and when it didn’t answer she told mommy “it not saying anything”we laughed and said rivka, the turtle cant talk,rivka said just hello?no we said the turtle cant talk.

if you are going to the aqarium here are some things to know…

  1. it costs 5.50 eurogrown-up and 3.50 for a kid
  2.   it’s open from 9.00 am. to 8.30 pm daily exept fot hoilydays
  3. it’s good for a half-day trip
  4. go through the side doors

it was a fun day!P1010404




  1. Great Job Petra!!! You are a fantastic writer!!!! I love your blogs, they are so interesting! Keep writing!! 😀👍🏻
    Your aunt Meili


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