it’s a go day

Today is a go day and we are going to… (drum roll) Bulgaria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going on two flights one to Athens and one to Bulgaria  .

We left the house around 2:50 pm because we could stay until 3:00 pm we had to leave then  because we had to take the car back to the rent people then. After daddy dropped us off at the airport  we went to inside.  At the airport we went to a bench to sit down I looked at the passenger rights at hand sign and Rivka followed me around, when daddy came back we got all ready to go and went to Athens. The airline that we went on to Athens is called Oliypic air and it is very good for budget airlines it is not actually  a budget airline  because it gives you free stuff .

After we arrived we went to the archaeology museum in the airport and  tried to get checked-in but it ripped us off, then we went to another desk and stood there for a long time while daddy talked with someone,then we went back to the first  line and checked in and got on the plane (travel tip:never fly on wizz airlines ) I slept on the plane and didn’t wake up till we landed. It was cold in Bulgaria. After we went through the usual plane stuff we went to we waited for the guy to pick us up. He was nice and mommy and daddy asked him questions about Bulgaria.  Our house had a lot of spaces to put our stuff in,a basket of guides and books about Sophia, two couches, a TV, an oven, a refrigerator and a lot of other things.

Here are  some photos of the last few days in Greece

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