The zoo

Yesterday I went to the daddy left to go to Oman for a week and do bullshit. When daddy leaves we have special girls time and on our first day of it we went to the zoo. We took a taxi there. Here are the pros and cons of the Sofia zoo



  • it is big
  • has a lot of interesting  animals
  • it rescues animals from really bad zoos
  • cheep


  • it could be nicer to the animals
  • not much of a choice for food
  • if you don’t know the way the  bus  can be hard to  get away from if you live far away and can’t get a taxi
  • not a lot of maps so you mainly have to  wander around the zoo


Overall I think It was a  pretty good zoo and  would recommend it  some facilitates include …

  • playgrounds all over the zoo
  • free bathrooms
  • areas for the animals to hide from you and things for them to play with

here are some pictures of the zoo…


It was a fun day!


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