A few days ago I went to the  science museum.

It was split into three groups that were on different floors.floor 1:past floor 2 :present floor 3: future my overall favorite floor was the present

1. past

The past has a kid archaeology area,a building area, an area where  you moved fake rocks and a few other things that we didn’t do. My favorite area was the one that had blocks for big and little kids. The archaeology  area had an area that you could dig for stuff, an area that you could draw old pots,an area where there is a glass grid that has a hole in it and information on archaeology for kids. The building area has big multi-colored blocks for little kids and smaller blocks  for older kids so  it was  perfect  for us, there were also  bigger blocks that were good for both me and Rivka. I liked it a lot .

2. present

The present area had a lot of different parts my favorite  part was the part where you could look through the animals eyes and the and the  small aquarium. While I looked around more mommy and Rivka went to the baby area to hang out. The cafe that was there had okay food.

3. future

The future is not the best overall area but it had some good things like the fake hand that you could use to pick up balls and the  spa-bed that you could lie down in and press a button that would then show you a space video and the spa-bed would vibrate like you were going into space.

It was a fun day!



  1. I like museums that have so many things to do. I often learn more doing things than only watching or reading. I have not thought a lot about Bulgaria in the past but now I think about it because you are there.


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