My birthday

It is my birthday!

When I woke up I went into the kitchen to see if my parents were awake. But when I came in my mom said go away! I thought that they were making a  birthday surprise for me so I left quickly.Then, mommy called me back into the kitchen and there were boxes of sweet cereal there.There was coco crispies,Apple Jacks,and Corn Pops. I had coco crispies and Apple Jacks, they were both very yummy.

After breakfast we had a dance party with all my favorite songs!

Then, we hung out until the afternoon were we had my party Kathren and Dennis came then Jesse and Mariem came and then the party started! First we got cake it was my favorite kind,carrot! I even got to cut it myself! Afterwards,I got presents I got a harmonica from Bubbie and Zede,a book called Petra and a  chibitronic from mommy and daddy, ten dollars from a cash register from Kathren and Dennis and a two book set from Jesse and Mariem! Then we hung out for a while then everyone left but us so we went and hung out.

It was a fun day!

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