My kids party

Today I had a kids birthday party with all my friends!

It was kind of wired because first my parents told me about it then they said that they would’t do it but my mom told me that while we were shopping for supplies for it so I didn’t believe them.

On the day of the party my dad brought me there, he said that we were just going to the pool but I did not believe him.

When I got there two kids were already there those kids were Simon and Laura, the other kids, Baxter and Grady came a little while later.

After we all had played in the pool for a long time we all got out of the pool (except Simon) we all decorated flip flops (except Simon) and we went on a scavenger hunt (with Simon) and Simon found the first prize of the hunt a… squirt gun! Soon everybody had one!

After that it was time for ice-cream cake with sprinkles! It was very yummy. Then we played in the pool until everybody left.

It was a fun day!


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