Unsound documentary

I watched a documentary about Darius Britt and his efforts to make a film about him and his mom

Challenges: He needed someone to play him and his mom. His mother did not like him making a movie with her in it. He needed to find someone to make money for his film. He needed to find a clinic to film in. He needed a sound studio. The audience didn’t really like it. He had trouble finding a film festival that wanted to have his film.He had trouble finding a marketer.

How he overcame them: he asked a lot of people for help finding an actor for his mom and one person eventually found someone and for him he did it himself. He showed part of it to her. He did it himself. He asked a lot of them but they said no but one changed it’s mind. He built a sound studio in his living room. They reshot a lot of the scenes and changed a lot of them. He did it himself until he found one

He was successful and got lots of awards because he kept on trying and experimenting until he got it right. And I am going to apply it to my life by doing the same thing. He was going to be. This documentary made me feel happy

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