Going to Baxter and Grady’s house

Today I went to Baxter and Grady’s house!

When we lived in Maine we went to Baxter and Grady’s house for Baxter’s birthday and the main thing I remember is that there was a sign for their house that said “The Ludders on Butters”and thinking it was cool.

When we first got there they gave Rivka lots of rides in a wagon that was hooked up To a bike. Then, we went inside the house to look at the baby kitten that was just born and it’s mother. They were so cute! Afterwards, we went into another room and played with legos for a while but Grady and I wanted to go to the tree house and Baxter wanted to stay there so we left taking Rivka with us.

After the treehouse we all went into a building where their dad was making grain, we helped do it by turning the crank on a old machine and watching what came out. Then they showed us the garden Grady even grew a pumpkin!

After that Baxter and I went up to the upper floor of the building where we planed to play a trick on Grady by locking the bike when he didn’t know the combination.

Then, we went inside and had a snack of zucchini bread . It was yummy!

Then went and hid from my mommy in a tree it was really fun! But eventually we had to leave. So we got out and said goodbye to each other and we left.

It was a fun day!


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