Hanging out with Simon

Today I am going to hang out with Simon!

When Simon and his mom came to pick me up I was exited because I hardly ever get to see him. We went to the trampoline park! When we first got there we went into the dodgeball court and hung out and talked a little. Then we joined a game of dodgeball. I don’t really like dodgeball but Simon does. After the game we played hide and seek in the play area.

It is so fun I don’t even notice how much time is going by!

Soon we have to leave. There is a little bit of trouble because Simon really wanted to see. The Incredibles 2 but Simon’s mom said that we were to late. We decide to go back just to check and it turns out that we were only 5 minutes late for it! It was really good!

Afterwards, Simon’s mom said that they were going to a dinner at our old spanish teacher’s house! I said yes so we all went together!

At her house I ate kugel. Kugel is a very sweet noodle dish which I like very much.

Afterwards we went and played on the monkey bars in her yard and had a banana fight! It was fun until his mom took them away. We hid towards the end but we came out because there was a dead bird right by were we were standing. Simon even touched it!

Afterwards I had to go home and I was kind of sad because of that. But it was fun anyway!

It was a fun day!

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