Going to New York

Today we are going to Grandma and Pa’s!

I am a little sad to leave Maine but I am excited to go to New York.

In the morning, we get ready for the day and then we say are goodbyes to Bubbie and Zede and then we went off.

Afterwards, I rode around and played temple run until I began to feel like I was going to puke, so I told mommy about it and she gave me a bag to do it in but as soon as I got it I didn’t feel like it anymore so I told mommy and she gave me sea bands and told me to keep the bag just in case.

I went back to playing temple run until it was time to meet uncle Jon for lunch. I had two mini hamburgers and a lot of fries. Then we took a walk.

This is basically a description for the afternoon: ride ride ride rest-stop ride ride ride mommy and daddy switch seats ride ride ride ride…

So read this over and over again for a few hours and that is basically how my afternoon went

When we got there we had to wait for them but they came home only about an hour later so I was ok with it. And when they came home it was very fun to hang out with them.

It was a fun day!


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