Now that I have lived here for a while I will write about it and how it is… on some mornings I go to grandma and pa’s house and hang out with grandma for the mornings and sometimes I just hang out with daddy.

Today I am going to arrive there in the afternoon and stay overnight. I have already had a sleepover with Meili and I am planning to make a robot costume out of some boxes for a trunk or treat event.

Here is a list of thing I have done here…

1. Had a sleepover with Meili

2. Gone to a few football games at uma and grandpa’s house

3. Been baby sitted? Sat? By Meili

4. Gone to the library with uma

It was all very fun! And here is a list of thing me and Rivka and Uma do together… puzzles together

2. Do butt bible baking projects

4.train the dog, Athena with minifigures

6. Teach Athena “roll over”

It was a fun few weeks!

One comment

  1. So great that you are having a good time in New York. What is butt bible? Can you add a photo of Athena the dog? And a photo of your costume?


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