Trunk or treat

Tonight I am going to trunk or treat!

However, I am worried because I still don’t have a costume and I want to be a robot for it . But I am at uma and grandpa’s and Daddy says that I can use a certain box that has a lot of shirts In it.But as I am taking Them out Uma says I can not Do It but she says that I can use some of the boxes in the garage for my body.

I could hardly remember what happened next but somehow I got a box for my body in the apartment.


Supplies needed:

Drier vent hoses (arms)

Big cardboard box (body)

Small cardboard box (head)

Aluminum foil

Glue or double sided tape




Wire cutters ( if needed)

To make it

For the body:

Take the big box and cut out the body and head hole

Make armholes

Fit the drier vent hoses into the armholes

Cut off the back flaps

Cover in tinfoil

Make and connect buttons

For the head:

Make eyeholes

Cover in aluminum foil

By the time I finished It was time to go!

When we got there their was a long line and we got Into it to get candy. It was smaller than I expected but it was still fun!


A tootsie roll

A dum dum

Star stickers

A duck

Bottle caps

A pen

A starburst

It was a fun day!


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