Museum 1

Today we are going to a museum!

The name is the museum of senses,and it sounds really fun,amazing, and fun.

We get on the tram and ride for a long time,go two stops on the subway and walk a little to get there… wow I think this place is cool, the first thing we do is go into a mirror maze … and bump into the mirrors a lot! Next we go on a bridge in a hall that is like a rainforest! Then, we walk on ropes that look like they are on top of a city! After that we go in to a room with faces that look like they are going out but are really caving in! We then walk in to a room at the end of a hall that has a mysterious box that I feel it feels like a little cat. There are also little mystery Boxes for hearing and smelling! I also lie on a bed of nails that tickle! Then we go into a room that looks like it is spinning around and around, a room that looks 3D,a room that looks straight from a window, and a room that makes it look like we are upside down, and a room full of Fun puzzles!

Museum 2

We walk to this museum. It is a long walk there but definitely worth it! It is the Karel Zeman Museum! We leave our coats on hangers in the room where we pay and walk in…Karel Zeman made films a long time ago and was really good with special effects. Here are some pictures ..


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