Halloween 🎃…again !

We are riding in the car 🚙 to go to (yet another)Halloween. But this time I am going there with my friend Emmy ! It is in a park!

When we get there,we go in there, but Emmy isn’t there. Then, mommy says let’s go in. I do not understand, but I follow mommy anyway. We go on a road that has an orange light at the end. When Emmy comes we get our faces painted!Emmy has a peacock and I am a tiger

It was fun! Afterwards we went to go eat. I got fries 🍟 and a hotdog! Then, we looked at the games. I wanted to do the woodwork and making slime,but Emmy did not so we didn’t. Instead, we made eyeballs out of a tiny horseradish and a blueberry and made balloons 🎈! We also watched a fire show! After that, we went on a scary walk through the woods but only Rivka was scared. I said hello to all the monsters but only one said hi back. The rest had very bad manners.

Then we went to a soup restaurant! When we got there we had a drawing ✍️ contest! Then the drove us home 🏡 .


  1. That is some wonderful face painting! How nice to get to see a picture of your friend Emmy. I would have liked to see the fire show too. Do you think I would have been scared of the monsters?


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