Mommy’s birthday

Today is mommy’s birthday! We are making a chocolate museum!

It felt like forever but she finally went to school. When she was gone we went outside and got a pot,birthday candles, balloons, tape, and lunch. Lunch is pizza for quiche for me and daddy. When we got home we got straight to work I made decorations for mommy’s birthday,helped Rivka make her present for mommy which was a pink monkey, blew up balloons, and hung up the happy birthday sign.

After that,we hung arrows that showed where mommy’s chocolate factory was

I couldn’t wait to see what mommy looks like when she came home! When mommy did, Rivka was so surprised that she peed! We all laughed. Than, we showed mommy the chocolate making area. It was very fun! After we made the chocolate, we went to a nice restaurant where we got pizza. When we got back, we surprised mommy again by getting a cake! She was so happy!


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