First night: I cannot wait for chanukah to start! I am so exited to go to Maine and New York! We light the shamish and then I use the shamish to light the first candle on the menorah! After dinner I get a 100 things to do on a plane book and Rivka gets a peppa pig activity book.

Second night: we are leaving without daddy. He is going to Lebanon for work. Tonight I get to strike the matches all by myself! Me and Rivka get warm socks (which I am wearing as I write this blog post).

Third night: tonight we ride in a plane all night but we gain time when we go to America however we still do not light the candles

Forth night: tonight we go to meili’s concert. It was cool!

5: I get a car from mommy and 2 books from uncle slick. We only lit the candles for a minute because of the smoke detectors.

6: tonight we made it to Bubbie and Zede’s house! We did Chanukah in the synagogue. We played ukuleles because they won a contest for 30 free ukuleles! I got a harmonica

7: tonight we went upstairs to celebrate Chanukah! I got a ship puzzle

8: tonight is the last night of Chanukah we light all the menorahs! I make bubbie, Zede , and Miriam potholders! I get lots of books from Miriam!

Ps. If you want to learn more about Chanukah go to my other Chanukah blog post and before you ask no I do not have a link for you to use! So nah nah nah bo bo to you!

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