My sleepover with Simon

I am so exited! I am having a sleepover with my friend Simon!

By the time we get into the car it was evening. We rode for a little while before mommy noticed that we had forgot to get the snack bag. So we went to the store and got some snacks and a movie. The movie was a house with a clock in it’s walls we also got the isle of dogs.

When we got there we played hide and seek. We even got to hide in the drier and washing machine!

Then we had dinner it was noodles and a salad. For desert we had ice cream!

Then we saw the movie! The house with a clock in its walls was creepy but we skipped a little bit of it.

After that we had to go to bed .I slept with mommy.

In the morning I got out of bed and watched Simon plat on his tablet until his mom got up. I was sad because It was almost time to go back home. Why do we have to go home I asked dejectedly. Because I need to go get Rivka mommy replied. So can I just stay here? I asked. Mommy said that I could!

Simon and I played with silly putty, drew, and listened to podcasts all day. For lunch we had chicken tenders. In the afternoon we decided to go to playland adventures for the afternoon! We do not like it as much as the old one and it is more arcade than bouncing around. But we still had fun!

Then it was time to go. It was a fun day!

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