The maker space

Today we went to the maker space!

At the first stand we got to decorate a letter the choices were P M A S E R and C I chose P which I decorated with nuts, screws, and metal washers. It was fun!

Next, I went into a room and learned how to make my own video game! First, we made a design with little cubes on a board, then we took a picture in a special app, and then we could play it! I liked that best!

Afterwards I got to decorate a cupcake with fancy icing! It was delicious!

Then we did iris folding! I did it by taping pieces of paper (no 1)a piece of paper with a bird shaped hole in it(no 2) that was taped to another piece of paper(no3) that had numbers on it. Then I took off the second pice off the third piece and then I turned the second piece over and there was a pretty design on it!

After that I went to another section which had a guy that had made a mouse that you controlled with your hands!

Last, I made string from alpaca wool by spinning it!

It was a fun day!


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