Playing with Emmy

A few days ago I went to play with Emmy this is how it happened…

I went to the park to play with Emmy one day. I met her at the playground first, we played at the playground for a while. Then, she took me to an area with lots of trees where we played catch. Then we played a game that Emmy invented in the basketball court this is how we played…

  1. We stood on a few blue lines with a line in between them on the basketball court
  2. We tried to bounce the ball off from the middle line to the other person
  3. We had two chances, if we missed both times we had to throw the ball through the basketball hoop
  4. We had two chances at that to, and if we missed those times it would would be the next persons turn.
  5. The next person did the same thing
  • Next we played at the playground a little more and got snacks at the monastery in the park they were drinks and little balls of farmers cheese covered in cinnamon and applesauce and sour cream.
  • Then Emmy and I had races outside in the courtyard and played soccer. It was hard because there were only 2 people but we did it anyway. But then it was dark and it was time to go home so we said goodbye and I went home.
  • It was a fun day!
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