The big playplace

A few days ago we went to a play place. It is the biggest indoor play place in Prague! This is how it happened…

I couldn’t wait to go to the play place! After a long bus ride we got there! I started with the big red tunnel slide I got a plastic burn on my back because I tried to lie down. I did not like it. Then I climbed around for a while, While I was climbing, I found some tube slides but I didn’t go on them, instead I climbed down and found little sleds to slide down I had a race with my sister and then I did the go carts !

I sort of crashed a little but other than that it was smooth. Daddy even let Rivka steer for a little bit! She crashed though. Afterwards it was almost time to go so I jumped with my family and then I went on the big slide one mote time but this time I liked it.

It was a fun day!

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