Uma and Grandpas house

A few days ago we went to Uma and grandpas house I was sad to leave but excited to go see Uma and grandpa and Meili I wasn’t exited to travel in fact, we have a joke that my least favorite part of travel is the travel this is true and this is how I traveled…

We were all packed up for our trip to America. After waiting for a few minutes we got out of the car and lugged our bags into the airport inside, we checked in and went through security and checked our bags just fine but just as we left mommy gave me a water bottle and told me to not lose it. After we left the plane I realized that I had left my water bottle on the plane. I didn’t lose it because I knew it was on the plane but in a way I still lost it. The first flight had only been two hours but the next one would be eight whole hours! During that plane ride I watched how to train your dragon two and Mary Poppins then mommy told me to go to sleep. I was sitting in the middle isle which was three seats across instead of two and the middle seat was empty so I pushed the armrest up and pulled the blanket up. I don’t remember sleeping but when I woke up it was three hours later! When we got off the plane I was still tired but I went and followed my parents everywhere while we got out car and loaded everything into it. About an hour later we got out of he car and went to a hotel I was really tired and I fell asleep really quickly.

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