Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day this is how we celebrated…

The first thing we did was the scavenger hunt the clues were…

  • Roll out of bed and get out of your bubble, you better find it or your in trouble
  • Lets go ahead and play it fair look behind the chair behind the chair
  • Now that your behind the chair you must be fearful of the condition of your hair, where will you go to make the repair?
  • We hid them in…
    • In the trouble box
      Behind the chair
      Under her hair products
  • She got…
    • An embroidery project
    • Sandals
  • Then mommy showed us how to make pop up cards for Bubbie. This is what you need to make one
    • Paper
      Colored pencils
  • This is how you make one…
    1. Take one pice of paper and fold it
      Cut two slits in the folded half side by side
      Fold and crease it so it pops out
      glue whatever you want to the pop up area
  • Then we hung out until it was time for dinner upstairs we had noodles and egg rolls for dinner and then we gave Bubbie her gifts.
  • It was a fun day!

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